2nd April 2024

02.04.24 | 75 Dean St | Soho | London

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This will be a fully immersive event with 3 composers writing integrated spatial pieces especially for this unique and state-of-the-art space hosted by Southby Productions. The technology for dissemination around the venue is designed and built by D&B Audiotechnik. This legendary space – what was De Lane Lea -75 Dean St, was Warner Bros. headquarters in London for many decades, since their departure ‘All is Joy’ have taken over management of the building. We are absolutely delighted to have been invited to present our music in this amazing space.

Tuesdays Post has been creating immersive events for many years, but only in the last few years has precise and user friendly technology been more broadly available.. This concert night is to showcase pieces that explore the capabilities of the positional sonic rig. The specific compositional tool which develops spatial themes in music – the movement of sound in space – is a musical device which is independent of rhythm, melody, harmony or timbre. Without an immersive concert space, exploring the sonic dimensions of sound in space is not possible.

Our 3 composers are:

Merkaba Macabre

Merkaba Macabre is a multimedia project by Steven McInerney, operating across musical performance, installation, audiovisual, and experimental film. McInerney’s work draws upon dichotomous energies, meditating between the sacred and profane. His cinematic work explores psychospiritual tropes and altered perception, often blurring the lines between science and fiction. His live performances utilise real-time feedback systems to exploit the audience’s awareness within time-based media; pushing the boundaries of perception and the medium itself. McInerney is the founder of Psyché Tropes, a film company and label exploring the synaesthetic intersections between sound and its visual counterpart. Other collaborative projects include: IOME, Post Coma and Flying Disks.

Georgina Brett

Georgina Brett is a composer and event organiser. After studying an MA in Electroacoustic composition under Jonty Harrison she went on to produce cd’s of binaural recordings from eco-festivals. In 2003 she began making vocal live-looping collages/improvisations/compositions and has composed many albums exploring a range of ideas and musical challenges for mono-choir. She began Tuesdays Post : Live Progressive Ambient in 2012 to promote artists creating music on the cusp of electro-acoustic and ambient styles. Having gained a fascination for surround sound spatial music at undergraduate level she has curated a number of multispeaker concerts in London over the years. In 2023 she: spoke on a panel at Sound II Light Festival hosted by Sova Audio, curated 3, immersive/ambisonic events at Iklectik, London, attended a week-long course learning to use the 4DSOUND sonic rig at Stonenest, London and has presented a talk and a composition at Gloucester University “Everyday is Spatial” Conference.

Paul Conboy

Paul Conboy has been working as a recording artist, composer, producer and performer in contemporary music for over 15 years. Formerly as A.P.E, along with Adrian Corker, he was signed to Dorado Records in 1994, a working partnership that included the scores for: BAFTA winning dramas for TV. Paul has worked with Tim Simenon for his Electric Tones label which lead to the resurrection of ‘Bomb The Bass’, featuring Paul as vocalist and on synthesizer and in 2009 Paul co-founded an analogue electronic collective Metamono with Jono Podmore (Kumo) and fine artist Mark Hill. Adhering to a strict but liberating manifesto Metamono release music on cassette and vinyl with HoHum records, whilst building a live following with their unique performance events. Currently in Chocolate Hills, a duo with Alex Paterson (The Orb). Hill and Paterson began with their 2019 debut ‘A Pail Of Air’ on Painted World records. The duo have performed many times since 2019, including at the Roundhouse, alongside Leftfield, GAS, Ulrich Schnauss and System 7. Their most recent album, Yarns from the Chocolate Triangle was released on Paterson’s label Obscure Records in 2023.

We look forward to presenting our integrated compositions, of which some of the elements will be performed live, that delight the ear and leave the impression that music centred around positional composition is an experience that is extraordinary and worthwhile.